What is Accredited?

Accreditation may be a formal, third party recognition of ability to perform specific tasks. It provides a method to spot a verified, competent authority so the choice of a laboratory, review or certification body is associate hep selection. ASCAB accreditation means that the authority will demonstrate to its client that it's been triple-crown at meeting the wants of international certification standards.

Usually the rationale for obtaining one thing severally evaluated is to verify it meets specific needs so as to cut back risks. Obvious examples area unit product failure, health risks, company name or to satisfy legal or client needs. something or anyone is evaluated - merchandise, equipment, people, management systems or organisations.

Accreditation by ASCAB implies that evaluators: testing and calibration laboratories, means that and certification bodies are assessed against internationally recognised standards to demonstrate their competence, impartiality and performance capability.

In everyday language the terms enfranchisement and certification ar typically used interchangeably. within the conformity assessment business but, these terms have terribly completely different and specific meanings.

ISO's formal definition of enfranchisement is "third party attestation associated with a conformity assessment body transfer formal demonstration of its competency to hold out specific conformity assessment tasks." (ISO/ IEC 17000:2004)

Certification is "third party attestation associated with product, processes, systems or persons." (ISO/ IEC 17000:2004)

ASCAB solely accredits organisations International agency offer certification and/ or examination services. These organisations ar called Conformity Assessment Bodies (or CABs).

ASCAB is an independent service provider offering registration services outside the scope of EU Regulation 765/08.